10 Reasons Why you need a WordPress Website

10 Reasons why you need to use WordPress for your Business Website

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world and is responsible for over 27% of websites built on the Internet today. In fact it powers one in every 5 websites on the Internet and helps 500 new websites come online every day.

What are the top 10 reasons why using WordPress will benefit your business website today?

1. WordPress is easy to use

When we hand over a new website to our customers for the first time, they cannot believe how easy it is to update text and images and how straightforward their new website administration is.  What was once an expensive monthly cost is now reduced quite significantly due to how easy it is to use WordPress.  I often tell my website customers if they can write an email they can use WordPress to manage their website.  WordPress is so popular and easy to find online tutorials, hints and tips that can be consumed without all of the baffling tech that normally comes with websites.


2. WordPress is scalable

We are often asked by our website customers if they can add more pages or add functionality to their website at a later stage.  With WordPress all of this is possible and easy to do,  adding pages or adding another website using WordPress is a few simple mouse clicks and some typing and your done.


3. Create Any Website With WordPress

WordPress makes it possible for you to build any type of website you require for your business, quickly and easily and without a need for huge technical knowledge or skills.

  • Brochure style website
  • Blog website
  • eCommerce website
  • Membership website
  • Training website
  • Auction website
  • Video website
  • Appointment booking website

With such a wide range of plugins and themes it really is possible to build anything you could imagine for your business website.


4. WordPress has 1000’s of extensions (plugins)

Given how popular WordPress is and how many years it has been around, you will find developers are always developing plugins and applications to enhance and make your website have even greater functionality.  Many of these plugins are free and will not cost you anything to install and use.  How good is this for your cashflow and website costs, when you can have free software.


5. WordPress makes SEO and getting noticed by Google easy

When WordPress started out it was a blogging platform and bloggers all around the word delighted at how easy it was to use and get noticed in the search engines of the day.  Today Search Engine Optimisation features are built into the core of WordPress and as standard it is highly effective at getting you ranked and found by all search engines, its great for SEO!


6. WordPress supports Multi Media content

If you have a piece of video, audio or graphic content, WordPress makes it so easy for you upload this directly onto your website and share it with the world.  Lately we have seen the rise in live video streaming to your website and web cam links to host interactive demonstrations, webinars and group meet ups online.  Most online users will engage quicker with video and audio content, and using WordPress makes it really easy to upload content directly on to your website.


7. WordPress is trusted by Fortune 100 companies

When companies like Marks and Spencer, Time, Forbes and Mercedes Benz use WordPress to run their website, you can trust it is safe and secure otherwise these companies would not be using it.  This disproves the myth that as WordPress is open source its not good enough for the big brands.


8. WordPress easily integrates with your third party software

Using WordPress, it’s easy to get it to talk to and integrate with your business systems.  Often we will integrate a CRM system and email signup software together with your WordPress website. When a customer signs up on your website the integration will add them to your CRM and start an email welcome campaign.  It’s so easy to enhance your business life and all the popular 3rd party tools integrate directly into WordPress with minimal fuss or configuration.


9. With WordPress its easy to keep your website looking fresh

WordPress makes it so easy to freshen up your website or change the look and feel for your customers.  How many times have you visited a website and it has not changed or still looks like it did 5 years ago.  With access to 100’s of free and paid for themes you can have a new website in a matter of mouse clicks, and what’s even better, all of your content, images and pages are not lost in the process.


10. WordPress is always getting better and improving

Every day WordPress evolves and continues to stretch the boundaries of website development and ease of use, for its community of devoted users and adopters who love using this fantastic website platform.  Every enhanced version brings a new feature or added security to the popular platform and in the future we will see it become even easier to use.  Overall WordPress is nice and friendly to use for your next business website and we highly recommend you start using it today.


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