5 Marketing Videos you need to start using today

Discover 5 video types you can start using today to enhance your marketing message and get more leads.

People directly interact with your business on Social Media today and we find that visual content always get the best feedback and results when it comes to your content strategy.

Today its so easy for a business to share an image, show a photo of a product or staff being professional in their working environment, and your customers and audience just cannot get enough of this type of visual content.

Its important for you to invest more time into creating useful video content that will help to create more brand awareness and engage higher quality leads.

1.Product Tutorial Videos

What better way to explain your product or service, through use of cleverly created video.

Below you will find some basic steps for creating great video tutorials:

  • Write a script. Don’t guess your way through the video, a written script will help you to avoid this.
  • Practice. Read the script and go through the steps you plan to record several times. Repeat this until you are confident you will remember everything.
  • Record your final audio and video. If you have got it all working and you are happy, now its time to press record and go for it. If you make a mistake, simply pause, re-compose yourself and carry on again. You can edit this in the final edit.
  • Edit it. Remove big breaks in speech and any unwanted noises, and add overlay elements like text and arrows to highlight something important.


2.Make short clips from your Webinars

What better way to reuse your content and make important messages get noticed. Take your full length webinars and cut them into smaller clips that can be shareable and easy to digest key points.

Don’t forget to add a link to your main webinar and a call to action.


3.Interview an Expert

Interviews are a great way to share opinions and educate your audience on topics of interest. Create a list of interesting questions and get your interviewee to share their best tips. To get the best out of this send your questions before hand and this will mean they should come prepared.


4.Share Tips and Hacks

Do you know of an easy way to do something or a quick win that would make a difference to your customers. Create short videos, less than 1 minute in length and share with your audience.


5.Be Humorous

A bit of light hearted fun, a quirky staff moment or something that is amusing and funny. Make your audience laugh and they will remember you, remember the ice bucket challenge and parody songs – now it’s your turn.


What Have We Learnt?

The best 5 video types for you to create are:-

  • Product Tutorial Videos
  • Make short clips from your Webinars
  • Interview an Expert
  • Share Tips and Hacks
  • Be Humorous

If you are new to video, start by creating off camera content, explainer videos and screen casts and then work up until your confidence grows and you can get in front of the camera.

Good luck creating new video content!