Email Marketing Tip for Thursday 11th April

Follow this 7 step formula that will help you increase your email open rates, improve your click through rates and make more sales from your emails.

It is increasingly harder today to get your emails through to your prospects and clients without ending up in the spam bin or in some cases never arriving in their in box.

As a good email marketer you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve that will help give your emails a better chance of getting through and getting opened.

Follow our guide below and let us know how you get on:-

Step 1: You need to use great subject lines in your email, that grabs attention, intrigue and gets the viewer to click and open. The best 4 subject lines that give way above average results are:-

  • curiosity – tease people
  • benefit – this is what you are going to get
  • scarcity – only a few left, act now to secure
  • results – this is what you can expect to achieve

Step 2: You need to use emoji’s in your emails – strange but true. Add a smiley face ?, an explosion ? or an interesting character ⛽ to get the viewer to pick your email out from all the other emails in your inbox.

Step 3: Use a from name in your emails, do not use office@, sales@ or marketing@ use your first and second name. People need to know you are a real person so use your full name.

Step 4: Use a second subject line, this is normally the first line of text the email opens with. Make it count and do not use things like weekly newsletter, view in browser or the date. You can add a great second introduction or some more clever marketing information.

Step 5: Avoid getting your email deleted by sending them out at times when you will get a better response. Most people check their email when they wake up and delete emails automatically. By sending a few hours later you stand a better chance of getting your email read, any time after 10.00am is perfect.

Step 6: To make your email marketing more effective, you need to add links in your email. Remember we are trying to increase engagement and get more sales, so why not direct your audience to a sales page, a product page or something on your website – but do it multiple times!

Step 7: Use real images in your emails, these should be of you or your product and people love videos. Use animated gifs to attract attention and draw them to interacting with you.

A few small improvements to how you market using emails, can start to make a serious difference to your profits and sales today. Try these 7 steps and let us know how you get on.