Estate Signs and Print Ltd, (Rugeley) improve their email

Estate Signs & Print Ltd, (Rugeley) improve their email security with Hosted Exchange

Estate Signs and Print Ltd offer a full design, manufacture and nationwide installation service on their extensive range of signs to satisfy your business or project requirements. With over 30 years experience to help develop your design ideas into real and cost effective solutions, Estate Signs and Print Ltd are the right people to take your next project forward.

Estate Signs & Print Ltd rely on email to receive vital business instructions on a daily basis.  Email is a critical part of their business and they needed to have a more reliable solution that was independent from their web site and not using the same server.  On a daily basis they receive instructions from various Estate Agents throughout Staffordshire and customers across the UK, these translate into orders and actions that need to be acted on as soon as they arrive in the inbox.

The current email solution, relied on their existing web server transferring messages to an inhouse mail server that would then collect and distribute emails.  This had too many parts in the system and if one part failed they would have no emails – and this would cause a major issue.

A discovery meeting with Mark Reed and Greg Whitehouse, discussed how the email solution was used today, what the bottlenecks where and what needed to be improved.  After this discussion a Hosted Exchange solution was proposed, not only did this solution provide much needed security and resilience but it also removed several steps in their previous system and stopped the reliance on the web server for emails.

The Hosted Exchange solution would mean that they could now have emails on their desktops, tablets and smartphones that all looked the same.  Seeing the correct inbox, customer folders and sent items was all now possible without multiple devices downloading or causing a problem with the desktop mailbox.  The other bonus was the use of the Outlook Web App, this meant they did not need to have Outlook on every machine in the office and they could remotely log on to their emails from anywhere in the world.  It also meant that users who did not have a PC could use their emails from any PC in the office.

We also added MailSecure into the solution and this filters out all those nasty viruses, spam and unwanted emails before they get to your mailbox.  MailSecure is an intelligent product and learns from the actions you take on your inbox to improve its security actions.

The solution was implemented over a weekend to minimise the downtime and disruption, all old email mailboxes where backed upped and archived to ensure we had historic reference for any old emails, should they need to find an old email.

The new Hosted Exchange solution is working very efficiently, emails are cleaner with less junk and all sent emails get delivered safely.

All round a great email solution, thanks to Estate Signs & Print Ltd for trusting WT Designs to deliver this great solution.

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