Google Reviews – how to get them the easy way

We all know reviews add credibility to what you do in business and the more reviews we have from our customers the better.  But its so hard to get your customers to do this for you, its not they are unhappy with what you have done, simply they get busy and move on to different things.

So an easy way to do this is to have a great follow up procedure in place that asks for a review once you have completed work for any customer.

I use a great tool from Whitespark that makes getting Google reviews so much easier and the best bit is, you can send your customer a link in an email, then all they do is click on it and leave you a great review.


Step 1: Go to the Google Business Review Link Generator –

Google Review Link Generator

Step 2: Enter your full business name in the top left of the map in the field that states ‘Enter Location‘.

Step 3: Select your business name from the list that appears (if it does not appear, there are instructions on the page to work round this).

Step 4: Scroll down the map and copy your link from the box under the map – click on the right hand button, ‘Copy Short URL‘.

Step 5: You now have a link you can post on your website or paste into an email to send to your customer for a great review.


This is a huge conversion factor in Google and I would not want you to miss out on this simple neat little trick, try it today and let me know how you get on.

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