Get More Customers Tip for Friday 12th April

When you are looking for more customers or leads it normally comes at a time when you need more business, more sales and MORE MONEY!

We are so busy wrapped up in our business doing business, we forget some of the simple things that do not take a lot of effort, but yield very favourable results.

Things like talking to our existing customers and having a simple conversation with them on a regular basis.

It always amazes me when I have conversations with my customers and they tell me, “I did not know you could do that“. It does not matter how much content you place on your website or news articles you write on your blog, or even the amount of social media posts you post. A conversation will always trump all of these and get you far better results quickly.

When talking to your customers you are giving them some love, attention and you are engaging with them – all of the things that text on a page cannot do.

Kick this off today and make it your Friday ritual, to call round your customers and ask if they have anything else you can do for them. Tell them about the newest service or product you have available to them today.

Don’t forget to ask could they recommend you to someone they know, who would benefit from using your services or purchasing your products.