How To Get More Google Reviews

Did you know that great reviews on Google regarding your products or services carry weight and and will improve your credibility, ranking and your reputation.

Reviews have such a positive impact and will often help nudge that prospect into becoming a customer. To get more reviews from Google you could set up a dedicated page similar to what we created for Midland Control Systems and you can follow our previous blog post, Google Reviews – how to get them the easy way.

As we find this such an important topic, below you will find our quick guide:-

  • Make a list of your recent happy customers.
  • Generate a Google Review link (see our earlier blog post –
  • Create a short email which asks your customer for a review and gently leads them and guides them with what you would like them to provide. Include the Google Review link in your email and make the email as easy to follow as possible.
  • Once they have left the review thank them, its also a good time to create a social media post that thanks them also.

If you like what you have read in this post, leave me a Google review for my business WT Designs –