IT Support that provides real time computer support for your users

Computer Support and IT Support

IT Support from Wizzard Technical Designs kicks into action when your hard drive fails, a blue screen of death appears or your computer will not switch on.  These are just a few of the common IT issues we provide support for on a daily basis.  Our team of experienced IT engineers are on hand to provide the computer support you require, when you require it.

We make IT simple, thats our job – we remove all the pain, frustration and the headache of your IT systems and give them some love.  We do not expect you or your staff to be IT experts, thats where we step in and we will act on your behalf and operate as your very own IT department.  You can call us or request a site visit during your normal business hours, and we will help you.  We know you do not love your IT systems all of the time and only want to use them to get your work done.

We provide Computer Support that takes care of your computer systems, user IT requirements and we give you lots of useful advice, support and help.  This will allow you to focus on the day to day running of your business and business growth and we will focus on your IT, making sure it works for you when you need it, whenever you need it!

We have a dedicated website that details what is included in our support packages and we have the option to allow you to sign up today –

Business IT Support: Business Support is designed to give you reliable computer support each month. We will help stop computer problems that will hold your business back, before they arise.

Premium IT Support: Premium Support gives you all the benefits of our business computer support package, and includes 30 minutes telephone IT support each month. We also protect your critical files and data and give you 10GB secure cloud backup .

*all IT support plans include, WTD remote access software, remote monitoring and managed Anti Virus / Malware

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