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When you require a WordPress website that is modern, responsive and created to help you attract more customers, then you have found the right web and search engine optimisation consultant for your next web design project.  A great website will be at the centre of your marketing and advertising campaign, and the perfect platform to attract new customers and double your traffic.

Osmond Maguire has been building websites, carrying out SEO and helping business owners throughout Northern Ireland with their websites for over 25 years.  Osmond’s expertise is in building websites that double and triple traffic for business owners getting a stream of  leads from Google.  His specialty is with SEO and this means getting you noticed visible and easily found on Google, after all it is the worlds greatest search engine!

Osmond Maguire
WordPress Consultant | Digital Marketing Consultant

Our Customers Say

Read about what our customers have to say about using our services and working with us.

Outstanding service.. Prompt, friendly, understanding, knowledgeable… Osmond didn’t patronise me or baffle me with ‘tech talk’. He sorted my 2 year ongoing website issue, in just 2 hours!.. I’m thrilled to bits!

Sarah Owen

Dressy Dresses

I have worked with Ozz for over 15 years and what he does with Google I have not got a clue about, but it works. My Driver Training School would be at a loss without his hard work and effort over the years.

Darryl Ewing

DSM Training

We were paying a magazine for advertising with poor results and within three months of working with Osmond we had the visibility we wanted across Staffordshire and a healthy increase in leads from customers calling us.

Brian Keown

Coopers Recycling

Osmond Maguire Certified WordPress Consultant

Osmond Maguire Certified WordPress ConsultantOsmond Maguire Certified Master CoachOsmond Maguire Certified Hootsuite Professional

Osmond Maguire Certified Digital Marketing Consultant

Osmond Maguire Certified Content Marketing Specialist Osmond Maguire Certified Email Marketing SpecialistOsmond Maguire Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist Osmond Maguire Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist

This is What We include in Every WordPress Business Website Package.

  • FREE TEXT BASED LOGO design with unlimited revisions
  • UNLIMITED WEBSITE DESIGN concepts and revisions
  • FREE SSL CERTIFICATE for the life of your website whilst hosted with WTD
  • FREE DOMAIN NAME of your choice (.co.uk or .com)
  • BUSINESS CLASS HOSTING including 5 email accounts, security and backup
  • INTEGRATION WITH SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook and Twitter integration
  • MONTHLY FEE no large upfront costs, just a regular monthly payment
  • GOOGLE RANK ME package worth £250 included FREE
  • LIVECHAT talk to or message your website visitors live!


Points to consider before you build your website

1. What is the goal of the website?

What do you want the website to achieve? Is it to drive more traffic to your company, increase phone calls, sell more products, get more customers or a combination of all of these? Many people never truly understand what it is they want from a website, they just know they need one and have to get one. It is so easy to get this critical step so wrong and end up with a poorly build non functional website that just does not do what you really want.

We have heard so many horror stories and poor advice from customers, it really makes you angry when someone has spent good money only to have to pay again to fix it and put the website right.


2. What are your customers looking for?

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? You would be surprised how many business owners do not know who their ideal customer is and what they are looking for. This is so important to know what problem do you solve for your customers, how will they search for that problem and what would they look up on Google.

We see this so many times when we are carrying out Search Engine Optimisation, what a customer searches for is not what you might be thinking of. A great example of this is a Motorcylce Clothing and Accessory shop we have worked with for many years. We found customers were using six different variants of ‘Moto-x’ to search for clothing and accessories, we covered the obvious ones and then had to add the other search terms to capture all the traffic.

You need to carry out your market research early on to understand people, age, buying habits and what works today.


3. Get a professional in to help you.

I would not take my Harley to a backstreet garage and I would not ask a mechanic for health advice. Why then do so many business owners rely on the have a go web heroes who work from their back bedroom and think they know what they are doing.

These so called experts do not talk to business owners daily or try to understand their business goals. All the glitzy TV adverts tell us how easy it is to build a website and you do not need any skills or knowledge of how it all works.

There is a saying a ‘A Little Bit of Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing’.


4. You get what you pay for.

Your son or daughter or neighbours friend may build you a website as a favour or for a £100 – but this does not mean they will do your business justice.

A web agency might build you one for several thousand pounds, and this would be over priced, over complicated and not the right answer to your business website solution.

You need a web developer who will charge you a fair price for the work to be done and work with you to achieve your business goals. You also need someone you can get on with and talk to easily.


5. You need a domain name.

Time and time again we see domain names that do not match the business or ones that have every word and variation included in them.

Ideally your domain name should be your company name, however if this is long, get a second domain name that is shorter and easier to use for the likes if email.

One of our customers is Midland Control Systems and they use midlandcontrolsystems.co.uk as their main domain. They were finding people were having difficulty in spelling this correctly for emails, so we created mcsgate.co.uk and this is what they now use for customers – and it works!


6. Did you plan your website or use a lucky dip?

An architect would never plan a house without drawings, blueprints and concept designs. Your website needs a structure and a plan, what pages do you need, how will they work, what will they link to?

This is called your sitemap and every website has one and needs one – this sitemap is also important for Google, they also need to know what’s on your website and where to find the pages.


7. Design and content.

Its so important that your website shows off your business in the best possible light and gives great information about your services and products.

Years ago you would have created a company brochure to hand out to prospective new customers and engage people in our business. Today think of the brochure as your website, it has to do the engaging to people you have never met or people who do not know they need your business.

You also need a modern design that connects your entire content and corporate image together to look professional and show your business as a serious business.


8. Building websites take time – or do they?

We can build a website in two days from start to finish – could you? To be realistic we always quote 28 days – why?

Building your new website requires a number of different things and a great deal input from you, after all its your website.

Here is a small list of what needs to happen in a typical process:

  • What is your business goals for this website?
  • Customer avatar, who is your customer?
  • What domain name will we use?
  • Initial sketches, wireframes and concept design.
  • Content creation for all pages.
  • Building and design of pages in line with your corporate image.
  • Add content to pages.
  • Create website structure and Sitemap.
  • Test all pages and content.
  • Test any dynamic elements.
  • Test all forms.
  • Integrate Social Media accounts.
  • Customer testing.
  • SEO if required.
  • Launch.


9. SEO, Social Media and Marketing.

Now you have your website and its live, does not mean a flood of people will visit your website and purchase your products or use your services.

NO ONE in the digital world knows about you, who you are, what problem you solve for them or how to get in touch with you. Google does not know you exist yet!

Once your website is built you need to embark on a campaign to drive traffic to it, let people know you are here and what you can do for them. This typically will include a level of SEO, Social Media marketing and email marketing.

You may want to do some initial paid advertising, that will get you noticed very quickly but this has a cost attached to it.


10. Never let your website get stale and cold.

Once your website is built, live and running traffic, please update your website. It’s the one thing that will help Google to love you and get you found easier, simple things like page updates, news updates and social media updates will all work in your favour and get you noticed.


Summing Up

I know we have covered a lot in this article, but this only touches the surface of what you need to do to get your website up running and performing.  Like all best plans a cup of tea and a friendly chat is the best way forward to discuss what it is you are trying to achieve.  Call me today, and lets have a chat – 01889 227 900.

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