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Every NI Business needs great Web Design to stay ahead of the competition and to be seen as the only business worth using.  A well designed website should be at the very heart of your marketing activities.

Today if you have not got a website then your business is less likely to succeed.  People are searching more and more for businesses like yours, looking for products and services that offer a solution to their problems.

Your website is your digital voice and the perfect way for you to talk to 100’s of new customes and get new ones today.

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Web Design for NI Business Owners

Osmond Maguire providing NI Web Design Solutions

If your NI Business needs a website, then you have arrived at the right place.  Osmond has been building websites and providing digital marketing solutions to business owners for the last 25+ years.

Osmond has built and developed a wide range of business websites, including brochure websites, e-commerce websites, competition / fundraiser websites, membership websites and training portals.

Contact Osmond today, to see what he can do for your business.

NI Web Design Brochure Websites

need a Brochure Website for your NI Business, call Osmond Maguire today

Brochure Websites

If you need to get your information out to your customers, clearly and quickly, then there is no better way than to use a Brochure Website.

Put simply, 1 – 5 pages of highly relevant content, the story about you and your business, beautiful images, lovely videos, links to your social media, your location and a means to contact you.

All in one very convenient home on the internet. No need to talk about your business endless times on the phone, just direct them to your website.

Forget about using business cards and paper brochures, get yourself a nice shiny new brochure website today.

NI Web Design E-Commerce Websites

need an E-commerce Website for your NI Business, call Osmond Maguire today

E-commerce Websites

If you need to take payments online for you products and services using your website, you will need an E-commerce website. Showcase your products and services with multiple options and allow your customers to purchase with ease, all online effortlessly.

Today we order food, clothes, and furniture online. We register and book appointments, we download books, music, and movies. E-commerce allows us to do this and so much more.

If your business is not using E-commerce then you really are missing out.

E-commerce allows you to sell goods or services, accept orders, take payments, handle the shipping and provide great customer service.

NI Web Design Competition Websites

need a Competition Website for your NI Business, call Osmond Maguire today

Competition / Fundraiser Websites

Raising funds for your sports club or organisation is now harder than ever. With COVID slowing down face to face ticket sales, the easiest way to sell your tickets is online with a custom built Fundraiser / Competition website.

These websites have a very quick impact and take £1000’s of pounds in ticket sales very easily and quickly.

Offering prizes like Motorhomes and Cash alternatives, makes ticket sales very desirable and open to a wider audience than just your club members and supporters.

Teamed up with FaceBook adverts ensures you maximise your reach and make profit quickly, covering your costs.

NI Web Design Membership Websites

need a Membership Website for your NI Business, call Osmond Maguire today

Membership Websites

The perfect way to support your brand, club or a collective group of people and provide them with information on a regular basis.

With the ability to take recurring payments, additional payments and drip feed content on a consistent basis; membership websites offer the perfect way to increase your monthly revenues quickly and very profitably.

The benefits of a membership website is the ability to provide a high level of value to your members with minimal effort.

Membership websites are the perfect way to enhance your club or society and manage your content.

NI Web Design Training Websites

need a Training Website for your NI Business, call Osmond Maguire today

Training Websites

The quickest and easiest way to provide training to your members or students is with a training website.  Keeping them up to date with training videos, worksheet downloads and adding members is made easy with a dedicated training website.

Lesson pages can be built with videos and downloadable content to ensure your members get the right training at the right times.  Teamed up with live training and a Facebook group gives you the perfect training environment.

We can also make mini-training course websites, perfect for lead generation or mini courses to sell a larger product or service.

NI Web Designs Customer Portals

need a Customer Portal for your NI Business, call Osmond Maguire today

Customer Portals

When you need a common area for your customers to log into and get information, then you need a customer portal.

Built with many different uses in mind and a combination of a training and membership website, these portals are the perfect way to talk to a large audience and keep them updated with ease.

Teamed up with email marketing software – communication to all of your customers becomes very easy to manage.

Work with Certified WordPress Website Consultant Osmond Maguire

Osmond comes from Omagh, Co. Tyrone and builds websites for Business Owners throughout Northern Ireland from his office in Fintona, Omagh.

Osmond has spent 25+ years running his own highly successful Web Design Agency and knows what it takes each day to get ahead of your competition and succeed online.

Today Osmond helps business owners avoid the struggles and pain he had to go through.  It’s always easier and quicker to get to the top with a little knowledge and friendly guidance!

Osmond Maguire certified WordPress consultant
osmond maguire ni web design

When you need great NI Web Design from a website developer who knows his stuff, you need to talk to Osmond.

A website will improve your online presence and showcase your business to the world, or Northern Ireland at least!

Call me today and lets talk websites – 028 8244 0900

NI Web Design for Business Owners

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