90 Day Growth Toolkit

90 Day Growth Toolkit


An exciting new project where we get to help business owners get more customers.  Taking the 90 Day Growth Toolkit course and turning it into a saleable product is exactly what this project was all about.  Not only did we have to create a new website, but we needed sales pages, sales funnels, email integration, payment integration and a webinar to make it all work together and make sense.

The 90 Day Growth Toolkit is a proven way to market your business, increase your turnover and get more customers in 90 days

This was very intensive due to the number of different parts involved, not just a website but a jigsaw of digital marketing.

First we looked at the customer journey, how he would go through the sales funnel, how he could react and what he would expect at each stage in the process.  We mapped this journey, worked out emails, videos, sales pages and marketing content and then once mapped built a webinar to explain the toolkit and how it worked.

This was all tied together with a one page website, which explained the course in full detail, included testimonials and the ability to purchase or sign up for the webinar.

This project is a complete sales funnel from end to end and includes every moving part you need to bring a product like this to market.



TECHNOLOGY:    | Web Design | WordPress | Digital Marketing | ClickFunnels | InfusionSoft | EverWebinar |
CLIENT:  Osmond Maguire, 17 Redbrook Lane, Rugeley, Staffordshire, WS15 1AB
URL:    www.90daygrowthtoolkit.com

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December 8, 2016