Unity 2018

Unity 2018

Unity 2018 #inmyelement was a project for Girlguiding Staffordshire’s 2018 International Camp.  They were originally going to create another set of pages and just add them into the main Girlguiding Staffordshire website.  After much discussion with Claire it was decided to do something special for Unity as this is such a fantastic event, and only happens every 4 years.

Unity is Girlguiding Staffordshire’s International Camp that is held every 4 years, it will be a fun filled week jam packed with activities.

We built a completely new website, taking the outline content and page ideas form the Unity 2018 team.  Something a bit different and something very visual, to help get the message about just how fantastic Unity is and why you should attend.



TECHNOLOGY:    | Web Design | WordPress |
CLIENT:  Girlguiding Staffordshire, St Peter’s School Site, Church Lane, Hixon, Staffordshire, ST18 0PS
URL:    www.girlguidingstaffordshire.org.uk


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April 4, 2017