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WordPress Websites

When we started building websites over 25 years ago, it was a hobby and all coded by hand using a text editor and uploaded via ftp to a web server.  Today we are very happy to say its a much more easier and less time consuming way to get your website built, developed, launched and SEO’d.

For all websites we build today, they are built on the WordPress platform, which gives us maximum flexibility, ease of customer updates and the perfect SEO platform to get you noticed, ranked in Google and in front of many new customers.  Our development team are at home building simple WordPress brochure styled websites or large corporate websites and build eCommerce websites with ease.

Call the web team today and see how we can work with you to develop your next project.

welcome to wizzard technical designs

SEO, Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is one of the things we specialise in at WT Designs, from on page SEO through to SEO campaigns and getting you ranked on page 1 of Google.  We have excelled in SEO for over 15 years and ranked 100’s of customers on page 1 of Google getting them more leads and higher visibility.

Some of our notable results have been page 1 of Google in 30 days for a brand new website for Kevlin Tyre Centre for the very highly local search term for tyres.  We totally dominated the local search results and out ranked all of their competitors – positions we still hold today and maintain.

Search Engine Optimisation using our very own system of SEO + Content Management, means you actually get results that work and stick in Google.  We all know once you turn of Facebook adverts and Google PPC, your natural search engine ranking will drop.

welcome to wizzard technical designs

Social Media Management

At WT Designs we love Social Media and some days that is all we do, but we do it for our customers to enable them to grow their business.  From simple brand awareness campaigns to paid advertising and dedicate Facebook adverts, its all in a days work for our busy Social Media managers.

Get in touch with the team today and learn how to harness the power of Social Media to generate leads for your business, time and time again.