Upgrade to WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 is a major update and you need to get a few things in order before you press the button. Most websites will go through this with ease, but a few sites may need a helping hand.

So Whats New

  • Totally Redesigned Editor for Posts/Pages – WordPress 5.0 introduces the Gutenberg WordPress Editor, a major change to the post and page editor, so you’ll immediately notice an overhaul to your post/page editor screen. The new Gutenberg WordPress Editor replaces the classic WordPress editor, so this update is a very significant change in the way you edit posts and pages in WordPress.
  • Content Blocks – The Gutenberg Editor is built on the concept of blocks. With blocks, you’ll have more flexibility with how content is displayed. Dozens of blocks are included by default (Paragraph, Heading, Quote, Image, Gallery, Cover, Video, Audio, Columns, Code, List, Button, etc.). Learn more about all the new WordPress Gutenberg Blocks for your content here.
  • New Default Theme, Twenty Nineteen – WordPress 5.0 introduces a new default theme that shows off the power of the new editor. Twenty Nineteen features custom styles for the blocks available by default in 5.0. It makes extensive use of editor styles throughout the theme so what you can create in your content editor is what you see on the front of your site.

How to Update to WordPress 5.0

point 1: IMPORTANT:
Make a complete backup of your entire WordPress website.

If possible, test 5.0 in a WordPress staging environment to ensure it all works as expected.

point 3:
Confirm your current theme has support for the new Gutenberg WordPress Editor and there is no conflicts.

point 4:
If you are using plugins that insert shortcodes into the content area of posts or pages, confirm they will still work in WordPress 5.0.

point 5:
Use the Update button from your WordPress admin dashboard, to start your update.

point 6:
Confirm your site looks and behaves as it did prior to the update, look through blog posts and pages.

point 7:
Check out online tutorials and video walkthroughs for how to get the best use out of WordPress 5.0.

We hope this article provides you with a good insight into what’s new in WordPress 5.0. We are excited about the new WordPress editor and the new ways to create content in WordPress.