Website Maintenance Tip for Tuesday 16th April

We cannot stress how important it is to carry out a complete daily backup of your website.

It is critical this backup does not reside on the same server as your website – this is so important. It’s one of the most common things we find, when a customer looks for help with their broken website.

The dreaded call of, my website is down can you help? We hear this from all manner of website owners who have been wrongly informed and thought they were safely protected. A panicking voice on the end of the phone filled with dread – not a good situation to be in for any business owner.

This could be due to a malicious attack, a DDOS attack or a plugin that has failed and corrupted the main core of WordPress. Either way you will have a website that is down and not working – how bad does this look for business and how embarrasing.

To prevent this you need to have the correct backup tools installed on both your web server and your WordPress website. A good tip here is to have some online cloud storage to store your backups, simple things like DropBox or Amazon S3 are great choices.

Use backup software like UpdraftPlus or BackUp Buddy to ensure your website is being backed up and safely stored off site.

Check out this great article from WPBeginner on backups –

Ensure your website hosting company offers you a daily backup – send them a support request and ask what they offer. We offer all our customers a 7 day rolling backup of the main web server – this is held with the hosting company.

Install a backup plugin or software that backs your website up to an off site web server. We provide a second daily backup hosted on a server in Europe and backed up to Amazon S3 as a further precaution for all our customers on our website care package.

If all of this is too much for you to understand or get your head round, call our friendly web support team today and let us take care of this for you.