Website Maintenance Tip for Tuesday 23rd April

If your website is down, how do you expect to your customers to find you? Worse still are you still using outdated code and plugins with serious security flaws?

Did you know websites can be attacked and suffer from malware and scripts that hijack the pages and create all sorts of havoc. Not only are these scripts harmful to your website but they can put it out of action and get you blacklisted.

You need to remember your hosting company will protect their web server and not your website, so when you get attacked they will just take your website down.

To help prevent this from happening, you can carry out a few simple tasks each week and implement some additional security features.

  • always keep WordPress updated
  • update all your plugins to the latest version
  • add a security product – we use iThemes Security
  • use a reliable hosting provider with security – we use SiteGround
  • have a rolling 7 day daily backup
  • have a secondary off site backup
  • use a website management tool – we use Manage WP
  • install an SSL certificate

If you need help managing any of this or have suffered an attack, get in touch and we can help get you back up and running and secure.