Website Maintenance Tip for Tuesday 9th April

When was the last time you backed up your website?

Do you know what software plugins are up to date and functioning at optimal performance?

Is your web server running an outdated security flawed php version?

All of the above will contribute to a poor performing website and potentially a situation where your website, just stops working or fails unexpectedly. Then what happens, do you panic or cry, rush round to find a website developer who can take a look or try and find the answer yourself.

Would it not be a whole lot easier if you never had to encounter this type of scenario, and you felt secure in the knowledge that your website is always cared for and kept up to date.

We take website after care seriously, we run daily checks on the security, software and your website to look after it for you and keep it safe and always running.

In a recent web server php update on lots of servers across the internet, we had a huge spike in support calls from website owners whose website had broken or just was not working and they needed help. When we asked about what maintenance and support plan did they have? The answer went from a scale of none to whats that and why would I need after care support!

We looked at several of these support cases and found in a few instances the WordPress code was over 8 years old and had never been updated. This caused a huge issue and resulted in extra work just to make their website function and look correct.

Thankfully for our team, we know what needed to be done to get this all working, and their website back live.

If you would like your website supported, maintained and looked after, then we would love to hear from you.