Why Local Businesses Need a Website More Than Ever in 2019

Google is becoming the new homepage for local businesses and if you are not on it then you are missing out. Users now look up Google to find information out about your business, things like your opening hours, directions and a telephone number so they can call you. And all of this is carried out without even venturing as far as your website.

So why you may ask is your website so important today when all the information a user needs is presented to them on Google.

What we see is the companies who are consistently in the top Google local pack ranking have high organic rankings. When you remove listings that are just directories and view real business listings you can see the brand websites are very strongly ranked.

Without a website your business lacks the strong ranking and linking that influences your local pack listing and your organic ranking. You will not have this powerful ranking presence that gets you noticed and sets you apart form your competition.

A strong website is key to the dominance of local listings and high search engine rankings in 2019. You need to build your website today, get it ranked and indexed on Google.

Don’t forget the local pack from Google is still free and all it takes is a bit of your time to complete and submit the right information, then they will do the rest for you and supply free leads!

Don’t miss out, take action today and get your website in order and your Google listing working for you.

If you are stuck on this – you can always call us and we will happily help you out.