Why WordPress Tip for Wednesday 17th April

We love WordPress, it’s so easy to use, easy to make changes to and super easy to administer and make updates.

WordPress should be considered as a serious business website solution. WordPress powers some of the world’s most well-known brands with millions of page views per day, for example Coca Cola, Mashable, Mozilla, Nasa, Wall Street Journal and many more.

For us it has to be the ease of use, we can teach a web novice all they need to know about updating and maintaining a WordPress website in a matter of minutes.

Many years ago at the start of WT Designs we had our own CMS (content management system) that was clunky, slow, a bit technical – but it did the job. Training however was a little technical and a touch tricky and just was not very straight forward to use.

Today we are glad updating and maintaining your website is so much easier. Tasks like page updates can be completed in minutes, graphics can be uploaded and changed in seconds and all without the need for a web developer charging an expensive hourly rate.

The best solution is, WordPress is free and has tens of thousands of developers who know how to add, modify and make it just as you would like it.

To get your own WordPress website, call us today and lets get your new website project started.