Why WordPress Tip for Wednesday 24th April

What does a Locksmith, Window Fitter, Plumber, Corporate Business and a Pet Store all have in common? the answer is they all require a website.

It does not matter what type of business you have today, the one simple thing you need to use to market your business is a website. It’s the easiest quickest way to get in front of your audience, share your products and give great advice and tips to help any potential customers.

Out of all the free website builders you could use, Wix, Site 123, Simple Site and our favourite WordPress.

We choose WordPress, its easy to use, quick to update and you can find tens of thousands of web developers who all know how to work it, update it, modify it and make it wok for you business.

There is no point in telling you how good WordPress is or that over 25% of the world’s websites are using WordPress. Perform a Google search today for yourself!

If you require a new website for your business – call me today!